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Social Security Changes for 2016

By now, you may have heard that no cost of living (COLA) increase is expected for 2016.  Many seniors rely on Social Security for a major portion of their monthly income, so not getting any additional funds for next year  can really put a burden on them.   We saw this same scenario in 2010...
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How to Deal with Parents Aging

I am an aging professional in the healthcare field. I have an extensive background in long-term care. I have had family members in long-term care facilities, I have worked in long-term care and for 17 ½ years I was an advocate for residents residing in long-term care. I hold a Master’s Degree in Gerontology. With...
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Understanding Pathway to Safety

Anyone placing a loved one into a Residential Care Facility (RCF) or Assisted Living Facility Option I (ALF) needs to be aware of and understand the Pathway to Safety requirements. Let’s start by explaining what Pathway to Safety is. Simply put Pathway to Safety states that a resident in a RCF or ALF Option I...
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Common Nursing Home Questions

As the Elder Care Coordinator for Attorney Michael C. Weeks, I am often asked questions by clients, friends or other professionals. The following are my responses to some of those questions I am asked. What is the best nursing home? There are many good nursing homes. Unfortunately, the public usually just hears about bad events...
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