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“I am writing to attest to the professional advice, guidance and follow through that I and my 4 siblings have experienced with Mike Weeks and his staff.

Our experience with Mike and his Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm began in the first half of 2009 when our family was seeking direction to apply for VA Benefits for our father. Through the efforts of Mike and his staff, Dad was approved for his VA Benefits by July, 2009. This financial benefit has been of tremendous help in paying for Dad’s Assisted Living and now Skilled Nursing Care.

However, our greatest satisfaction of working with Mike Weeks and his staff, most recently, Amy, has been their commitment to serve the needs of their clients. This experience began in March of 2012 when we discovered that Dad’s VA Benefits had stopped in 2011. In contacting Mike, we learned that because the VA did not get some form from the family, the VA terminates the benefits. Through the diligent follow-up work of Mike and his staff, Dad was reinstated to receive his VA benefits at the end of December, 2012.

Mind you, The Weeks Group worked in our behalf from March thru December of 2012 in contacting the VA to gain Dad’s reinstatement. What our family found so gratifying was that this company, even after 3 years of initial contact, spent so much time and effort to serve their client’s needs. Companies promise such service, but Mike Weeks and his staff delivered such service for our family. For that, we are extremely thankful, and appreciative to be working with The Weeks Group – Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm.

Very Satisfied Clients!”

Dennis S.

“When my sister was admitted to a nursing home, she had limited resources and I was at a loss of what to do next. I asked my friend, George Nagel, a financial planner, if there was someone who could help me. He advised me to contact Michael Weeks, a certified Elder Law Attorney. I had no idea that such a person or service existed. I met with Michael and was informed of the procedures involved concerning my sister, her daily life, and what would happen once she had no more funds, and how we could ensure that she would always receive the best possible care. I was told never to hesitate if I had concerns or questions, which did come up frequently. Michael and his staff frequently returned phone calls at night or on weekends if there were urgent problems. I was always treated with care, consideration, and understanding.

In addition, Michael employed a nurse who would check in with us at the home and assured my sister’s comfort and well-being. The nurse helped us understand what we needed to do to help make sure the care at the nursing home was as high quality as possible, and helped ease our concerns. We truly felt blessed.

For over a year, I could count on Michael and his assistant Amy, to answer any question I had regarding nursing home procedures. There were days I felt my sister was treated unfairly and reported to Michael. His intervention and the nurse’s allowed my sister to have a better quality of life in the home.
I knew I had someone with whom I could speak about matters I found of concern. It brought a peace of mind I could not have otherwise. I would have been overwhelmed.

Friends have asked me for advice. I have directed them to contact Michael Weeks for help and guidance.
I was glad to know there was a voice of reason in Michael who would help me through difficult times. Anyone who is a caregiver and is concerned with the emotional and financial ramifications of the task certainly will be advised in a professional manner by Michael C. Weeks.”

Rosaline S.

“When my father realized he would have to place my mother into a nursing home, we turned to Mike Weeks. Mike helped guide us through the process that allowed for my mother to receive quality care, while still ensuring that my father had sufficient resources to be able to live for his remaining lifetime. I have also had Mike handle my estate planning. Mike has provided our family with excellent legal representation for the past six years. It gives me peace of mind to know that I can trust him to handle any problems I might encounter in the future.”

Brad P.

“I owe many thanks to the services provided by the The Weeks Group, particularly to my lawyer, Mr. Michael Weeks. His expertise, along with the assistance of a great staff, helped me exceedingly during the most difficult period of my life so far pertaining to the death of my father, followed by the physical decline and death of my mother — all within a year. As an only child, I truly needed help to arrange and pay for my mother’s nursing home care, hospitalization, then sadly, her hospice care and funeral. As a working parent, my ability to cope with and manage these affairs, while experiencing pain for my mother’s suffering, was quite challenged to say the least. I really needed help, and the best decision I made was to act on a referral for The Weeks Group. What seemed very confusing and beyond my financial grasp was handled with the greatest care and professionalism– to include visits to my mother by a very compassionate nurse! Also, the reliable reputation of this law firm helped tremendously when extra time was needed to pay nursing home bills. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have managed without their help. Without any reservation, I recommend The Weeks Group to others managing health care and estate issues for their loved ones.”

Grace D.