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Classification of Veterans

As stated above, the law requires that Veteran’s whose health is compromised will need a certain level of income each month.  The VA has three classifications of veterans who could potentially be eligible for Improved Pension benefits. Disabled– There are two different ways that a veteran can claim that they are disabled.  The first would be to...
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Survivor’s Benefits (DIC)

For those veterans whose death was related to the service connected compensation claim, there is and additional benefit to surviving spouses, known as Dependent and Indemnity Compensation (DIC).  This benefit is only for surviving spouses (so not ex-spouses and/or long-time boyfriend/girlfriend).   This benefit can also be paid if there are minor dependent children, as long as they...
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VA Health System

All veterans that have an honorable discharge are theoretically eligible for either free or low cost health care at VA hospitals and clinics.  This can include many different types of health care, including some personal care services received at home, if medically necessary.   Many veterans will utilize the VA health care system in lieu of...
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Basic Veteran’s Benefits

With the recent popularity of veteran’s benefits, particularly amongst senior veterans, it is easy to lose focus on benefits that are often available to veterans of all ages.   Some of these include: Montgomery GI Bill: Provides educational assistance to veterans and in some cases their dependents based on amount and time in service.[1] VA Home...
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Introduction To Veteran’s Benefits

Over the past decade, Veteran’s benefits have become a very hot topic for elder law attorneys.     Most of the attention has focused on the Improved Pension (commonly referred to as Aid and Attendance) program.   This attention has led to a significant overhaul of the program effective October 18, 2018[1].  However, there are actually many different...
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Respite Services

Caregiving can be a very stressful situation, even under the best of circumstances. A lecturer once used an example to explain stress management to an audience. He raised a glass of water and asked, “How heavy is this glass of water?” Answers called out ranging from 8 ounces to 20 ounces. The lecturer replied, “The...
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