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Basic Veteran’s Benefits

With the recent popularity of veteran’s benefits, particularly amongst senior veterans, it is easy to lose focus on benefits that are often available to veterans of all ages.   Some of these include:

Montgomery GI Bill: Provides educational assistance to veterans and in some cases their dependents based on amount and time in service.[1]

VA Home Loans: provides low cost loan options for veterans, regardless of whether they are wartime or peacetime veterans.[2]

VA Life Insurance:  Life insurance that is available only to veterans, many senior veterans still have policies that were taken out during their time in the service that might have significant cash value at this point.  These policies have more limited options for planning than traditional life insurance policies due to restrictions on who can own these policies.[3]

VA (national) cemeteries: All veterans, whether wartime or peacetime, are eligible for burial in a national cemetery.  Some cemeteries (like Arlington), are restricted to certain classifications of veterans, like those who are wartime or who were killed on active duty are eligible for burial in a national cemetery at no charge.  Their spouse is also entitled to burial in the national cemetery.[4]

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