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Last Chance to Change that Advantage Plan!

We are quickly approaching the deadline to opt-out of a Medicare Advantage Plan for 2011.  February 15 is the last day that individuals can opt out of an Advantage Plan for the rest of the year.   This is not to say that everyone should dump their Medicare Advantage plans- as many are a very good...
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Basics of Medicaid for a Couple

Previously, we have looked at the difference between Medicare coverage of skilled nursing coverage and what happens after that coverage ends.  Typically, the individual requiring skilled care will now either go home, become a private pay skilled nursing resident, or qualify for Medicaid benefits.  If the person is private pay, they (or their family) will...
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What is a Medicare Stay?

A majority of seniors will spend at least some time in a skilled nursing facility during their lifetime, but most do it in the context of a rehab stay after some event, such as a stroke, fall, or general weakness after illness.   These stays are commonly referred to as a Medicare rehab stay.   This article...
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Article about the Role of Hospice

Very interesting article on a huge difficulty with the current setup of our healthcare system.  That problem being the ability to realistically and objectively confront dying.  I particularly noted the realities of continuing medical treatment in spite of the fact that there is virtually no medical benefit of these treatments.  I can’t help but wonder...
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